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Financial Support

BHPC Student Research Awards 

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, BHPC can offer a limited number of $500 awards per year to support PhD and Master’s student research activities. Examples of eligible research activities include:

  • presenting work at academic conferences;
  • participating in workshops or courses such as those offered by Rare Book School, CBBAG, the various digital humanities summer/winter institutes, and similar organizations;
  • travelling to libraries and archives for thesis/practicum research;
  • mounting student-led exhibitions and digital projects;
  • producing projects within the scope of the BHPC Practicum course, BKS2001H, which involve extra expenses for materials (not including books and software).

Applications that combine any of the above activities are also welcome. For BHPC-related research activities not covered in the points above, please send an inquiry to the BHPC Director well before the application deadline.

Eligible applications must meet the following conditions:

  • applicants must be PhD or Master’s students currently enrolled in the BHPC collaborative specialization (students on leave of absence are not eligible: https://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/policies-guidelines/leave-of-absence-policy/);
  • applicants must be in good standing with regard to BHPC program expectations for their year (e.g. a second-year PhD student must have completed or be enrolled in BKS 2000H and be planning to take the BKS 2001H Practicum—exceptions will be made only in cases of documented medical or personal circumstances);
  • applications must be for student-led work (e.g. if the application is for a collaborative exhibition, the student must be an equal collaborator, not just an assistant, and the award must cover expenses specifically tied to the student’s contribution);
  • before applying for BHPC Student Research Awards, applicants must apply for the SGS Conference Grant (if they are eligible) and for any comparable awards in their home units (the BHPC awards are not intended to replace other sources of funding); applicants must indicate the other awards for which they have applied in their applications.

To apply, send an email to the BHPC Program Coordinator (bookhistory@masseycollege.ca) including:

  1. a brief statement of the activity’s importance to your academic goals;
  2. a tentative budget;
  3. details about comparable sources of funding sought from the student’s home department or faculty;
  4. for PhD students, letter/e-mail message from your supervisor (or other academic advisor) confirming that they support your request to undertake the activity in question;
  5. other supplementary materials, as appropriate:
    • for students attending conferences, a copy of the submitted abstract plus the acceptance message from the conference organizers;
    • for students attending summer institutes etc., a copy of the message from the organizers confirming a space in the class/seminar;
    • for students undertaking an exhibition or similar hands-on project, a summary detailing scope, purpose, and the student’s role.

Applications will be reviewed three times per year—after the first of the month in October, March, and July—and students are free to re-submit an unsuccessful application if the event is still upcoming. Recent BHPC graduates are eligible to apply for these awards based on activities they undertook in their final term. Applications will be reviewed by the Director, Program Coordinator, and members of the Program Committee.

Successful applicants are asked to submit a brief description (300-500 words) of their use of the funds by email within a month after the event.

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