Publications and Achievements

Many of our alumni and students have gone on to produce publications, exhibitions, conference presentations, seminars, lectures, and/or receive achievements (e.g., funding/grants for research projects, awards) that directly arose from their coursework in the BHPC program. The following list showcases the work of such individuals, demonstrating how they have contributed to the academic community through their studies in BHPC.

If you are an alumnus/alumna or current student, consider sharing your work by following the guidelines in the Call for Contributions. Contributions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Chana Algarvio
Graduated 2022, MI
“Re-examining ‘the Book’ through Ancient Egyptian Tomb Walls.” Papers of The Bibliographical Society of Canada 60, no.1 (2023): 1–40.

“Divine Power of the Written Word: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Stone.” Paper presented at the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing Annual Conference, online, July 2022.

“Stone and Ancient Egyptian Book Culture.” Lecture presented for All About the Ancient World, online, April 2022.

“Imagining the Underworld: Stone, Wood, and Papyrus as Carriers of Ancient Egyptian Guidebooks to the Afterlife.” Paper presented at the 2022 Book History and Print Culture Student Colloquium, online, March 2022.

“Monopolizing the Afterlife: Power Dynamics with Ancient Egyptian Funerary Books.” Paper presented at the Annual Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference, online, November 2021.

“Relations to the Dead: Use and Disuse of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Books.” Paper presented at the Annual Bibliographical and Book Studies in Canada Conference, online, May 2021.

Stemmed from BKS1001 and BKS1002
Miriam Borden
Current student, PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures
2020 Honey & Wax Book Collecting Prize Stemmed from BKS1001
Heidi Craig
Graduated 2017, PhD in English
Early Modern Dramatic Paratexts Stemmed from BKS2001
Risa de Rege Braga
Current student, MI
“The 19th Century Medieval: The Inserted Illuminations of the Fisher Antiphonarium.” Paper to be presented at the Annual Saint Louis Conference on Manuscript Studies, University of Saint Louis, June 2023.

“Intended Vice: Reframing Damage in the Study of the Book.” Paper to be presented at the Annual Bibliographical and Book Studies in Canada Conference, York University, May 2023.

“Books and the Body: Creating an Artist’s Book.” In Book Arts/arts du livre Canada 13, no. 1 (summer 2022).

“Low Bridge, Everybody Down.” In 15 Prints on the Erie Canal. American Printing History Association, Upstate New York Chapter, 2022.

Stemmed from BKS1002, elective courses, and Bib Room volunteering
Aaron Donachuk
Graduated 2018, PhD in English
“After the Letter: Typographical Distraction and the Surface of Morris’s Kelmscott Romances.” Victorian Studies 59, no. 2 (winter 2017): 260–287. Stemmed from BKS2001
Gregory Fewster
Graduated 2019, PhD in the Study of Religion
“Finding Your Place: Developing Cross-reference Systems in Late Antique Biblical Codices.” In The Future of New Testament Textual Scholarship, edited by Garrick E. Allen, 153–177. Tuebingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2019.

“Archiving Paul: Manuscripts, Religion, and the Editorial Shaping of Ancient Letter Collections.” Archivaria: Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists 81, no.1 (2016): 101–128.

Stemmed from BKS1001 and BKS2001
Chelsea Humphries
Graduated 2020, MI
“Off the Rails: The Influence of the British Railway on Nineteenth-Century Publishing.” The IJournal: Student Journal of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information 5, no.1 (2020): 41–56.

“Picture Printing: Books, Art, and the Art of Reproduction in Nineteenth-Century England.” The IJournal: Student Journal of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information 4, no.2 (2019): 23–38.

Stemmed from BKS1001 and BKS1002
Dana Lew
Current student, PhD in English
“Introduction: Ewan Clark’s Miscellaneous Poems.” Sterne Digital Library, 2022.

“Yorick’s Regional Jargon: Sentimentality, Sterne, and the Cumberland Book Trade.” The Shandean 32, no.1 (2021): 92–126.

Stemmed from BKS2001
Austin Long
Current student, PhD in English
“Grubstreet Icarus: Staples Steare, Book-Trade Opportunism, and Sterne.” The Shandean 31, (2020): 43–66. Stemmed from BKS2001
Margaret E. Schotte
Graduated 2007, MA in History
“‘Books for the Use of the Learned and Studious’: William London’s Catalogue of Most Vendible Books.” Book History 11, no.1 (2008): 33–57. Stemmed from BKS1000 (currently BKS1001)
Alejandro Soifer
Graduated 2022, PhD in Latin American Literature
 “Under the Shadow of Catastrophe: New Millennium Argentinian Science-Fiction.” Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 32, no.3 (2021): 325–348. Stemmed from BKS2001
Bard Swallow
Current student, PhD in Medieval Studies
 “High Fantasy RPGs and the Materiality of the Medieval Book.” Games and Culture (2023): 1–12. Stemmed from BKS2000
Philip Trotter
Current student, PhD in English
“Fragments: In the Manner of Sterne.” Sterne Digital Library, 2021.

“‘Wearing Presumption’s Garb’: Isaac Brandon’s Fragments: In the Manner of Sterne.” The Shandean 32, no.1 (2021): 127–155.

Stemmed from BKS2001