In 2020 the BHPC program successfully completed a cyclical review as part of the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP). For more about the program, see the BHPC 2019 self-study prepared for the review.

2022-2023 Program Committee:

Yulia Ryzhik, Chair (English)
Claire Battershill, Faculty Representative (Information, English)
Ann Komaromi, Faculty Representative (Comparative Literature)
Andreea Marin, Principal’s Delegate (Massey College)
Chana Algarvio, Master’s Student Representative (Information)
Roxanne Korpan, PhD Student Representative (Religion)

2022-2023 Events Committee:

Alan Galey, Chair (Information)
Adriana Ciocci, Student Representative (History & Philosophy of Science & Technology)
Adam Hammond, Faculty Representative (English)
Rowan Sky, Student Representative (Art History)
Simon Stern, Faculty Representative (Law)
Misha Teramura, Faculty Representative (English)