Admissions, curriculum, individual programs and other academic aspects of the administration of the program will be the responsibility of the Director and the Program Committee. The Program Committee consists of the Director; one representative of the graduate faculty each from the Department of English and the Faculty of Information; one representative from the other participating units, in rotation; the Principal of Massey College or the Principal’s delegate (ex officio); and two students from the program, one master’s representative and one doctoral representative. The Director will be elected by the Program Committee for a five-year term, and will count as the member from their unit.

2021-2022 Program Committee:

Alan Galey, Chair (Information)
Yulia Rhyzik, Faculty Representative (English)
Cillian O’Hogan, Faculty Representative (Medieval Studies)
Andreea Marin, Principal’s Delegate (Massey College)
Chana Algarvio, Master’s Student Representative (Information)
Roxanne Korpan, PhD Student Representative (Religion)

The Events Committee oversees BHPC’s yearly events program, including the selection of a speaker for the annual Jackson Lecture and topics for student-focused workshops. The Events Committee is composed of BHPC faculty and students, and chaired by the BHPC Director.

2021-2022 Events Committee:

Alan Galey, Chair (Information)
Angela Du, Student Representative (English)
Amanda Goodman, Faculty Representative (East Asian Studies / Religion)
Adam Hammond, Faculty Representative (English)
Misha Teramura, Faculty Representative (English)
Simon Stern, Faculty Representative (Law)

In 2020 the BHPC program successfully completed a cyclical review as part of the University of Toronto Quality Assurance Process (UTQAP). For more about the program, see the BHPC 2019 self-study prepared for the review.