The BHPC program offers a hands-on approach to learning about the history of books and book-making. Two key locations where this kind of learning takes place are the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, where we teach BKS 1001: Introduction to Book History, and the Massey College Library and Bibliography Room, where our students visit on field trips and work as printing apprentices and volunteers.

To learn more about each space, watch the video tours below and check out other videos on the YouTube channels for the Fisher Library and the Bibliography Room.


The following two videos with BHPC director Alan Galey provide a sense of what we do in the BHPC program.

A Bibliographical Disturbance: Teaching and Learning in Book History After 2020,” the 19th 2022 Frederick Allen Warren Lecture, Trinity College Library:

Between the Pillars (Fisher Rare Book Library podcast), season 2, episode 11: