Master’s Program

All students must fulfill the degree requirements of the unit in which they are enrolled, but BHPC requirements should be satisfied within the electives options of all participating units, and should not add extra courses to a degree program. At the master’s level, the program of study includes BKS 1001 and BKS 1002, which are normally taken in Fall and Spring of the first year. Students in two-year Master’s programs (such as the Master of Museum Studies and Master of Information programs) can apply to take BHPC in their second year. BKS 1001 and BKS 1002 should be counted as electives within the coursework requirements of the home unit.

Depending on the student’s Master’s program, additional elective courses related to BHPC’s fields of study may be required. The Ontario Council on Graduate Studies currently defines collaborative specializations as being at least 30% of a coursework-based Master’s degree. Since the number of courses required for participating BHPC Master’s programs varies, the electives requirements for each program vary proportionally (see the table below).

Elective courses for BHPC are normally selected from our roster of cross-listed electives, though students may substitute other courses with the approval of the Director. BHPC elective courses are often taken within the student’s home unit, but students are welcome and encouraged to take BHPC electives in other participating units where possible.

Master’s students whose programs include a thesis or major paper are not required to take elective courses, provided their project falls within BHPC’s fields of study.

Travaux et thèses peuvent être soumis en français, avec l’approbation des instructeurs et/ou du département d’attache. Les étudiants travaillant en domaine français sont spécialement encouragés à le faire.


BHPC electives requirements by Master’s program

FCE = Full Course Equivalent (0.5 FCE = a standard half-course, taken in a single term)

If you began the BHPC program prior to Fall 2018, the electives requirement is 1.0 FCE regardless of home unit. Master’s theses count toward this number if the thesis is in the area of BHPC and counts as separate coursework within the home unit.

If you are beginning the BHPC program in Fall 2018 or after, electives requirements are as follows for each Master’s program:

Art History
English (creative writing option)
French Language and Literature
Germanic Languages and Literature
History & Philosophy of Science and Technology
Museum Studies
Any Master’s program that includes a thesis or major paper (provided the project falls within BHPC’s areas of focus)
no cross-listed electives required
Comparative Literature
East Asian Studies
Italian Studies
Medieval Studies
Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Slavic Languages and Literature
Spanish & Portuguese
0.5 FCE
Music 1.0 FCE
Master of Information

(Note: several required and elective courses in the MI program’s concentrations in Library & Information Science, Archives & Records Management, and Culture & Technology are also cross-listed BHPC electives, and count toward the BHPC elective requirement.)

1.5 FCE