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Current Faculty

Michelle Alexopoulos malex@chass.utoronto.ca Economics
Christy Anderson christy.anderson@utoronto.ca Art
Susan Antebi susan.antebi@utoronto.ca Spanish & Portuguese
Lawrin Armstrong lawrin.armstrong@utoronto.ca Medieval Studies
Salvatore Bancheri salvatore.bancheri@utoronto.ca Italian
Liza Blake liza.blake@utoronto.ca English
Peter W.M. Blayney English
Heidi Bohaker heidi.bohaker@utoronto.ca History
Christine Bolus-Reichert
bolus@utsc.utoronto.ca English
William R. Bowen william.bowen@utoronto.ca Music
Jonathan Burgess jburgess@chass.utoronto.ca Classics
James P. Carley jcarley@yorku.ca Medieval Studies
Caryl Clark c.clark@utoronto.ca Music
George Elliot Clarke English
Adam S. Cohen as.cohen@utoronto.ca Art
Jeannine DeLombard jdelombard@english.ucsb.edu English
Juris Dilevko juris.dilevko@utoronto.ca Information
Wendy Duff wendy.duff@utoronto.ca Information
Konrad Eisenbichler konrad.eisenbichler@utoronto.ca Renaissance Studies
Angela Esterhammer angela.esterhammer@utoronto.ca English
Nicholas C. Everett n.everett@utoronto.ca History
David Galbraith galbrait@chass.utoronto.ca English
Alan Galey alan.galey@utoronto.ca Information
Alexandra Gillespie alexandra.gillespie@utoronto.ca English
Melissa Gniadek m.gniadek@utoronto.ca English
Erik Gunderson e.gunderson@utoronto.ca Classics
John Haines j.haines@utoronto.ca Music
Bert Hall bert.hall@utoronto.ca IHPST
Adam Hammond adam.hammond@utoronto.ca English
Adrienne Hood hisugchr@chass.utoronto.ca History
Audrey Jaffe a.jaffe@utoronto.ca English
Eric Jennings eric.jennings@utoronto.ca History
Bernice M. Kaczynski kaczynb@mcmaster.ca Medieval Studies
Patrick Keilty p.keilty@utoronto.ca Information
Thomas Keymer thomas.keymer@utoronto.ca English
Pamela Klassen p.klassen@utoronto.ca Religion
John Kloppenborg john.kloppenborg@utoronto.ca Religion
Ann Komaromi a.komaromi@utoronto.ca Comparative Literature
Neil ten Kortenaar kortenaar@utsc.utoronto.ca English
Dorothea Kullmann dorothea.kullmann@utoronto.ca French, Medieval Studies
Katherine R. Larson katie.larson@utoronto.ca English
Julie LeBlanc julie.leblanc@utoronto.ca French
Michael Lettieri michael.lettieri@utoronto.ca Italian
Kathy Liddle kathy.liddle@utoronto.ca Sociology
Deidre Lynch deidre.lynch@utoronto.ca English
Heather MacNeil h.macneil@utoronto.ca Information
Lynne Magnusson lynne.magnusson@utoronto.ca English
Jill L. Matus jill.matus@utoronto.ca English
Mark McGowan mark.mcgowan@utoronto.ca St. Michael’s College
Jennifer Mori jennifer.mori@utoronto.ca History
Andreas Motsch motsch@chass.utoronto.ca French
Nick Mount nick.mount@utoronto.ca English
Heather Murray heather.murray@utoronto.ca English
Dimitri Nakassis d.nakassis@utoronto.ca Classics
Yigal Nizri yigal.nizri@utoronto.ca Religion
Cillian O’Hogan cillian.ohogan@utoronto.ca English
Carol E. Percy carol.percy@utoronto.ca English
Janet Poole janet.poole@utoronto.ca East Asian Studies
Yannick Portebois yannick.portebois@utoronto.ca French
VK Preston vk.preston@utoronto.ca Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies
Bhavani Raman bhavani.raman@utoronto.ca History
Srilata Raman s.raman@utoronto.ca Religion
Matt Ratto matt.ratto@utoronto.ca Information
William Robins william.robins@utoronto.ca English
Terry F. Robinson terry.robinson@utoronto.ca English
E. Natalie Rothman rothman@utsc.utoronto.ca History
Walid Saleh walid.saleh@utoronto.ca Religion, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Cannon Schmidtt cannon.schmitt@utoronto.ca  English
J. Barton Scott barton.scott@utoronto.ca Historical Studies, Religion
Naomi Seidman naomi.seidman@utoronto.ca Religion, Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Anna Shternhis anna.shternshis@utoronto.ca German
Simon Stern simon.stern@utoronto.ca English, Law
Markus Stock markus.stock@utoronto.ca German
Holger Schott Syme holger.syme@utoronto.ca English
Misha Teramura m.teramura@utoronto.ca English
Dan White daniel.white@utoronto.ca English
Kevin Wilkinson kw.wilkinson@utoronto.ca Classics
John Zilcosky zilcosky@chass.utoronto.ca German


Professors Emeriti

Sandra Alston sandra.alston@utoronto.ca Information
Barbara L. Craig barbara.craig@utoronto.ca Information
Melba Cuddy-Keane m.cuddy.keane@utoronto.ca English
Natalie Zemon Davis nz.davis@utoronto.ca History
A.H. de Quehen English
Gillian Fenwick gillian.fenwick@utoronto.ca English
Patricia Fleming patricia.fleming@utoronto.ca Information
H.J. Jackson heather.jackson@utoronto.ca English
Marie Korey marie.korey@utoronto.ca Massey College
Ian Lancashire ian.lancashire@utoronto.ca English
Randall McLeod randall.mcleod@utoronto.ca English
Donald Moggridge d.moggridge@utoronto.ca Economics
Andrew Oliver andrewo@chass.utoronto.ca French
Dorothy E. Speirs dorothy.speirs@utoronto.ca French

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