Doctoral Program

All candidates must fulfill the degree requirements of the unit in which they are enrolled. If they have not already taken BKS 1001 at the master’s level, they will be required to take it as a prerequisite or corequisite to the two core doctoral courses: the advanced seminar, BKS 2000, and the Practicum, BKS 2001. The Practicum should be completed by the end of the student’s coursework within the home unit and should serve as a bridge from coursework to the dissertation. The dissertation topic will be in the area of book history and print culture, broadly understood. The advisory committee will include at least one faculty member affiliated with BHPC, and students are encouraged, but not required, to seek representation on the committee from outside the home unit. At the beginning of each year the Director meets with each incoming doctoral student to discuss plans for the coming year and for the program in general, as well as longer term goals. The program may be completed on a flex-time basis only by Faculty of Information students registered for the Information flex-time Ph.D.

BKS 1001 and BKS 2000 will count towards coursework requirements for the PhD in the home unit and will not be taken in addition to the home unit’s program requirements. (BKS 2001 is normally taken in addition to the home unit’s PhD coursework requirements. Participating units may count BKS 2001 toward their coursework requirements at their discretion.)

Travaux et thèses peuvent être soumis en français, avec l’approbation des instructeurs et/ou du département d’attache. Les étudiants travaillant en domaine français sont spécialement encouragés à le faire.