Cross-listed Courses

All of the courses on the list below can be used to satisfy the cross-listed electives requirement for BHPC Master’s students, including courses outside the student’s home unit.

There may be eligible elective courses in participating BHPC programs that aren’t yet cross-listed here. Students who wish to count any as-yet unlisted courses toward their BHPC electives requirement should email the Program Co-ordinator with details of the course in question; eligible courses will be added to the list below. Courses from graduate units which aren’t part of BHPC may also be considered, provided those courses have a demonstrable connection to the study of book history.

Please note that at the time of posting, this information is provisional in the case of some units, and not yet available in the case of others (in which case the previous year’s offerings are still displayed). The inclusion of any given course in this list does not guarantee its availability to students outside the unit concerned.


Art History (2023–2024)

FAH1127H: Early Medieval Art

FAH1205H: Early Modern Intermediality

FAH1210H: Chinese Painting: Objects, Theories, Methods

FAH1220H: Multi-Media Transmorphism: The Many Arts of the Netherlandish Renaissance

FAH1410H: Artwriting

FAH1416H: Art History and the Digital

FAH1960H: Indigenous Art, Land, and Material Relations in the Great Lakes

FAH2041H: Greek Vases at the Royal Ontario Museum

FAH2060H: Artisans and Artists in the Ancient World


Classics (2022–2023)

GRK1000H: Advanced Greek Language (Prose Composition)

GRK1800H: Special Topics in Greek Literature (Language-Intensive)

LAT1000H: Advanced Latin Language (Prose Composition)

LAT1800H: Special Topics in Latin Literature (Language-Intenstive)

CLA5028H: Topics in Graeco-Roman History: Economics, Ethics and the Classics

CLA5023H: Topics in the Study of Roman Literature and Culture: Apuleius of Madauros

CLA5012SH: Studies in Ancient Philosophy: Intellectual Debate in the 5th Century BCE

CLA5021H: Topics in the Study of Greek and Hellenistic Literature and Culture: Writing Rome – in Greek


Comparative Literature (2022–2023)

COL5016H: Art and Politics: Bertolt Brecht, Robert Lepage

COL5018H: Gender, Agency, and Life Writing

COL5136H: Space, Place and Power

JFC5129H: Performative Autobiographical Acts: Painted and Photographic Representations of Self in Personal and Political Testimonials

JLA5082H: The Rhetoric of Photography

COL5086H: Literature, Culture and Contact in Medieval Iberia

COL5109H: Jean-Luc Nancy: Retreating the Aesthetic

COL5111H: Revenge, Resistance, Race and Law

COL 5122H: Text and Digital Media

COL5147H: Books at Risk

JCO5121H: Apuleius of Madauros

JFC1813H: Literature of Contact and Anthropological Thought 16th-18th Century


East Asian Studies (2023–2024)

EAS1530H: Sound Matters

EAS1496H: History of the Chinese Book

EAS1411H: Art and Archaeology of Early China

EAS1412H: Special Topics in Archaeology of Ancient China: Technology and Material Cultures of Ancient China


English (2023–2024)

ENG1006H: Medieval Drama: York’s Plays and Records

ENG1012H: Writing the Self in Late Medieval England: Thomas Hoccleve and Margery Kempe

ENG2509H: Shakespeare and the Book

ENG3707H: Literature and Censorship, 1640-1860

ENG5115H: The Satanic Verses and the Public Life of Books

ENG5712H: Cinema of Refusal: Inuit Modernity and Visual Sovereignty

ENG5802H: Global Protest Cultures

ENG6552H: Law and Literature

ENG6848H: Representing Vandalism

ENG8000H: Texts, Theories, and Archives


French (2022–2023)

FRE1204H: Genres: Vers une étude de quelques sous-genres autobiographiques: autobiographie, journal/carnet, mémoires, correspondances

JFC 5129H: Performative Autobiographical Acts: Personal and Political Testimonials

FRE2109H: Histoire des pratiques littéraires et culturelles des femmes au Québec (1830-1960)

FRE 2099H: Roman et document dans l’extrême contemporain

JFF 1102H: Animages / Animots / Animotions: Mediating Animals


German (2023–2024)

GER1000H: German Studies Seminar: Culture, Theory, Text

GER1050H: Methods in Yiddish

GER1200H: Middle High German

GER1540H: Revolutions

JGC1855H: Critical Theory


History (2023–2024)

HIS1001H:  Topics in History: Jews of the Premodern Islamic World

HIS1012H: Indigenous and Decolonial Science and Technology Studies

HIS1015H: Oral History Theory and Practice

HIS1017H:  History and Social Media: Critical Histories for Big Publics

HIS1031H:  Images as History: photography, historical method, and conceptualizing visuality

HIS1032H: Modernity and Its Visual Cultures

HIS1289H: The Cold War through Its Archives

HIS1416H: Early Modern English Popular Culture

HIS1662H: Rethinking Modernity through Japan


History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (2022–2023)

HPS1000H: Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

HPS3010H: Social Epistemology

HPS4011H: Cognitive Technologies: Philosophical Issues and Debates

HPS4020H: Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies (STS)

HPS4021H: Feminist Approaches to Science & Technology Studies

HPS4103H: The Technological Underground: New Methods in History of Technology


Information (2023–2024; Master of Information and Master of Museum Studies programs)

INF1321H: Representing, Documenting, and Accessing the Cultural Record

INF1322H: Communities and Values

INF1323H: The Information Experience

INF1330H: Archives Concepts and Issues

INF1501H: Culture & Technology I

INF2120H: Conservation and Preservation of Recorded Information

INF2121H: Specialized Archives

INF2122H: Digital Preservation and Curation

INF2123H: Black Studies and the Archive

INF2127H: Collections Development, Evaluation, and Management

INF2159H: Analytic and Historical Bibliography

INF2160H: Global Manuscript Traditions

INF2162H: Rare Books and Manuscripts

INF2172H: Readers’ Advisory: Reference Work and Resources

INF2174H: Histories of Records and Archives

INF2181H: Information Policy, Regulation, and Law

INF2228H: The Future of Things: Digitization and Remediation

INF2234H: Academic Librarianship

INF2240H: Political Economy and Cultural Studies of Information

INF2241H: Critical Making: Information Studies, Social Values, and Physical Computing

INF2243H: Critical Histories of Information and Communication Technologies

INF2320H: Remix Culture

INF2331H: The Future of the Book

INF2408H: Cold War History of Books, Librarianship, and Publishing

INF2409H: Comparative Information Traditions: Islamic Civilization

INF3009H: Theory and History of Media Technology

INF3014H: Cultural Interpretive Methods for Media

MSL2326H: Artifact, Audience, Text: Writing in the Museum

MSL2331H: The Museum Exhibition: Histories, Practices, Genres

MSL2370H: Museums and Cultural Heritage: Context and Critical Issues


Italian Studies (2022–2023)

ITA1177H / ITA427H: The Italian Questione della Lingua

ITA1540H: Renaissance Italian Theatre

ITA1705H: Pirandello

ITA1535H: Topics in Italian Literature: Women Writers in Italy

ITA1535H: From Lombroso to the DDL Zan. Discourses of Gender and Sexuality in Italian Culture, 1870s – present day


Medieval Studies (2023–2024)

MST 1023H:  Early Medieval Latin and Greek Poetry

MST 1104H: Latin Palaeography I

MST 1105H: Latin Palaeography II

MST 1117H: Medieval English Handwriting 1300-1500

MST 3123H: Medieval Medicine

MST 3237H: Through the Lens of Monastic Rules and Customaries

MST 3501H: Introduction to the Medieval Western Christian Liturgy

MST3604H: Medieval Culinary Cultures

MST 5004H: Topics on Medieval Manuscripts and Textual Cultures: The Medieval Circulation of a Latin Novel


Music (2022–2023)

MUS1000H: Introduction to Music Research

MUS1006H: Public Music Scholarship

MUS1066H: Music and Racial/Ethnic Imagination

MUS1069H: Remix Music, from Analogue to Digital

MUS1235H: Topics in Music and the History of Medicine

MUS1245H: Orpheus

MUS1270H: Music and East Asian Modernity

MUS3610H: Music Entrepreneurship: Music & Cities

JDM3619H: Digital Media Distribution


Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations (2023–2024)

NMC2003H: Topics in Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations: Directed Research in Islamicate Codicology

NMC2204Y: Avestan

NMC2180H: Iranian Modernity

NMC2331Y: Ottoman Palaeography and Diplomatics


Religion (2022–2023)

RLG3763H: Readings in Sanskrit Philosophy

RLG3610H / EMB5347H: Wisdom in Second Temple Judaism

RLG3544H: Muslim Material Cultures

JPR2058H / JPR458H: Postsecular Political Thought: Religion, Radicalism, and the Limits of Liberalism

RLG2020H / RLG447H: Early Christianity, Ancient Judaism, Ancient “Magic”

RLG3704H: Readings in Sanskrit Literature

RLG3252H: Letter of James and Early Christian Wisdom

RLG3710H: Newar Religion

RLG***H: Islamic Origins: Sources, Debates, and Prospects

RLG3622H / RLG433H: Maimonides

NMC2055: Qu’ran and Its Interpretation


Slavic Languages & Literatures (2023–2024)

SLA1039H: Kyiv-Kiev-Kijow: A City and the Text

SLA 1223H: Introduction to Russian Poetry and Poetics

JLV5134H: Theories of the Novel


Spanish & Portuguese (2023–2024)

SPA2152H: Cervantes’ Don Quixote

MST3604H: Medieval Culinary Cultures