Cross-listed Courses

All of the courses on the list below can be used to satisfy the cross-listed electives requirement for BHPC Master’s students, including courses outside the student’s home unit.

There may be eligible elective courses in participating BHPC programs that aren’t yet cross-listed here. Students who wish to count any as-yet unlisted courses toward their BHPC electives requirement should email the Program Co-ordinator with details of the course in question; eligible courses will be added to the list below. Courses from graduate units which aren’t part of BHPC may also be considered, provided those courses have a demonstrable connection to the study of book history.

Please note that at the time of posting, this information is provisional in the case of some units, and not yet available in the case of others (in which case the previous year’s offerings are still displayed). The inclusion of any given course in this list does not guarantee its availability to students outside the unit concerned.


Art History (2020–2021)

FAH1123H: Art of the Medieval Book

FAH1205H: Early Modern Intermediality

FAH1457H: Vernacular Photography

FAH1960H: Indigenous Art, Land, and Material Relations in the Great Lakes


Classics (2020–2021)

GRK1000H: Greek Prose Composition

GRK1800H: Greek Literature and Language

LAT1000H: Latin Prose Composition

LAT1802H: Readings in Latin Epic

CLA5004H: Callimachus

CLA5009H: Cicero, De Legibus: Political Thought, Law and Religion in Late Republican Rome


Comparative Literature (2020–2021)

COL5018H: Gender, Agency, and Life Writing

COL5101H: Diasporic Cities

COL5032H: Feminist Approaches to Medieval Literature

COL 5122H: Text and Digital Media

COL5133H: Comparative Modernisms

JLV5143H: Censorship, Culture, Archive


English (2021–2022)

ENG5074H: In the First Person: Memoirs and Mediality

ENG5527H: Making and Re-Making Modernism

ENG6552H: Law and Literature

ENG6848H: Representing Vandalism

ENG2533H: Shakespeare’s Language

ENG5994H: Modern South Asia in Literature and Media

ENG6365H: Diasporic Englishes

ENG5025H: Malcolm X and African-Canadian Literature

ENG6519H: Postcolonial Theory and the World Literature Debates

ENG4904H: Slavery and Anti-Slavery in the Ante-Bellum United States


French (2020-2021)

COL5018H: Gender, Agency, and Life Writing

FRE1204H: Genres: Vers une étude de quelques sous-genres autobiographiques: autobiographie, journal/carnet, mémoires, correspondances

FRE1905H: Baudelaire et la modernité symboliste

FRE2109H: Histoire des pratiques littéraires et culturelles des femmes au Québec (1830-1960)


German (2020–2021)

GER1000H: German Studies Seminar: Culture, Theory, Text

GER1050H: Methods in Yiddish

GER1200H: Introduction to Medieval Studies

GER1485H: Goethe’s Novels

GER1771H: Visions of the Anthropocene


History (2020–2021)

HIS422H: Early Modern English Popular Culture

HIS1031H: Images as History

HIS1118H: Canada by Treaty

HIS1223H: Humanism and the Renaissance

HIS1555H: Gender and Slavery in the Atlantic World, 17th to 19th Century

HIS1675H: Imperial Circulation and Diasporic Flows in the British Empire

HIS1802H: Slavery in North America


History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (2020–2021)

HPS1000H: Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

HPS2007H: Introduction to the History of Astronomy

HPS3009H: Slavery, Medicine and Science in Historical Perspective

HPS4300H: The Historian’s Craft: Sources, Methods, and Approaches


Information (2021-2022; Master of Information and Master of Museum Studies programs)

INF1321H: Representing, Documenting, and Accessing the Cultural Record

INF1322H: Communities and Values

INF1323H: The Information Experience

INF1330H: Archives Concepts and Issues

INF1501H: Culture & Technology I

INF2103H: Recordkeeping Cultures

INF2120H: Conservation and Preservation of Recorded Information

INF2121H: Specialized Archives

INF2122H: Digital Preservation and Curation

INF2127H: Collections Development, Evaluation, and Management

INF2141H: Children’s Cultural Texts and Artifacts

INF2161H: History of Books & Publishing

INF2162H: Rare Books and Manuscripts

INF2172H: Readers’ Advisory: Reference Work and Resources

INF2181H: Information Policy, Regulation, and Law

INF2225H: Digital Discourse

INF2240H: Political Economy and Cultural Studies of Information

INF2241H: Critical Making: Information Studies, Social Values, and Physical Computing

INF2243H: Critical Histories of Information and Communication Technologies

INF2302H: Special Topics in Information: Copyright for Information Professionals

INF2320H: Remix Culture

INF2331H: The Future of the Book

INF3009H: Theory and History of Media Technology

INF3014H: Cultural Interpretive Methods for Media

MSL1350H: Museums and Their Publics

MSL2301H: Special Topics in Museum Studies: Artifact, Audience, Text: Writing in the Museum

MSL2331H: Exhibitions, Interpretation, Communication

MSL2370H: Museums and Cultural Heritage: Context and Critical Issues

MSLxxxxH: Social Digital Memory

Additional cross-listed courses may become available in Summer 2021


Italian Studies (2020–2021)

ITA1200H: Dante

ITA1597H: Commedia dell’Arte

ITA1705H: Pirandello


Medieval Studies (2020–2021)

MST1101H: Codicology

MST1102H: Practical Palaeography

MST1104H: Latin Palaeography

MST1022H: Transmission and Reception

MST1384H: Exeter Book of Old English Verse

MST3231H: Clio’s Workshop: Introduction to Historical Methods


Music (2020–2021)

MUS1001H: Introduction to Music Research II

MUS1106H: Early Music of Canada

MUS1246H:Music and Colonialism

MUS1132H: Community-Engaged Music Archiving

MUS1134H: Music, Capital, Markets, and Industries

MUS1271H: Music and Circulation

MUS1276H: Music and Material Culture

MUS3619H: Digital Media Distribution


Religion (2019–2020)

RLG3190H: Pseudepigraphy

RLG3634H: Scripture and Ritual in Qumran

RLG3402H: Reading Buddhist Texts

RLG3460H: Sanskrit Readings I

RLG3461H: Sanskrit Readings II

RLG3290H: Words and Worship

RLG3611H: Hebrew Literature and Religion

RLG3653H: Jewish Exegetical Traditions in Antiquity

RLG3744H: Hindu Epics

NMC2055: Qu’ran and Its Interpretation


Spanish & Portuguese (2020–2021)

SPA2900H: Issues in Literary Theory and Hispanic Text

SPA2152H: Cervantes’s Don Quixote