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Histoire du livre, History of the Book, Textual Studies, Print Culture, Sociology of the Text: all these names have been used to describe an international academic movement that rose to prominence in the late twentieth century and continues to expand today. Book History creates and applies knowledge of the material, …

Toronto Centre for the Book

The Toronto Centre for the Book was established at the University of Toronto in 1994 by Michael and Jane Millgate (Department of English), Patricia Fleming (Faculty of Information), and others in order to bring together faculty, librarians, students, and members of the general public who are interested in the past, …

Massey College

Massey College was built and furnished by the Massey Foundation in 1963 to house graduate students pursuing advanced studies or professional degrees at the University of Toronto. It provides a congenial intellectual environment for the exchange of opinions and ideas. Members of the College form a multidisciplinary and diverse community …

Student Projects

A requirement for the doctoral program in Book History and Print Culture, the Practicum is an individual project involving the use of primary sources, approved for academic credit by the Program Committee, undertaken under the supervision of a member of the graduate faculty, and intended to serve as a bridge …

Recent Articles:

BHPC student Claire Battershill wins CBC Literary Award

March 9, 2009 News Comments Off on BHPC student Claire Battershill wins CBC Literary Award

“PhD student Claire Battershill calls herself a “binge writer” and it’s her voracious appetite for writing that is winning her accolades, including a first prize in this year’s CBC Literary Awards competition. Her short story piece Circus has won her $6,000 dollars in Canada’s only literary competition that celebrates original, unpublished works in two official languages.

“I often will sit down and write a whole story and not move for four hours. I tend to be really concentrated. I wrote this story when I first moved to Toronto,” said Battershill, who is studying English literature and book history and print culture at the University of Toronto. She said she was extremely surprised when she won the award.”  You can read more here.

Book makes its way “home” to U of T

January 29, 2008 News Comments Off on Book makes its way “home” to U of T

“A book that once graced the shelves of the Toronto Public Library is returning to the city after a sojourn of more than 50 years abroad.

Keats’s Shakespeare by Caroline Spurgeon will soon reside at Massey College and be available as a teaching tool for students in U of T’s collaborative program in book history and print culture.

The book’s journey began in London, England in 1928. It arrived at the Toronto Public Library in 1935. From there it went to the Canadian Book Centre in Halifax and finally to the Netherlands as part of a project to refurbish diminished collections after World War II. Then it found its way to the headquarters of a religious congregation of brothers in Tillburg, where a journalist picked it up and decided to donate it to U of T.”  You can read more here.

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