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Cross-listed Courses

A comprehensive list of course offerings that would be suitable choices for meeting BHPC master’s course requirements is available from the Program Co-ordinator. Other courses may be substituted upon consultation with the Program Committee. Please note that some may require prerequisites or have limited enrolment. Registration must be arranged with the relevant graduate unit.

The following list, organized in alphabetical order of participating unit, shows the cross-listed courses scheduled to be offered by participating units in 2017-18. Please note that, at the time of posting, this information is provisional in the case of some units, and not yet available in the case of others (in which case the 2016-17 offerings are still displayed). The inclusion of any given course in this list does not guarantee its availability to students outside the unit concerned.

Art (2017-18)

FAH1221H Inside the Painter’s Studio

FAH1229H Architecture of the Global Renaissance

FAH1411H Art and Analogy

Classics (2016-17)

CLA5000H All Things Odyssey

CLA5004H Pindar

GRK1000H Greek Prose Composition

LAT1000H Latin Prose Composition

Comparative Literature (Centre for) (2017-18)

COL5033H Visual Portraitures in Contemporary Autobiographical Narratives

COL5072H Affinities: Readings of Realism and Radicalism

COL5086H Literature, Culture and Contact in Medieval Iberia

COL5096H The Problem of Translation: Historical, Theoretical and Pragmatic Perspectives

COL5122H Text and Digital Media

East Asian Studies (2016-17)

EAS1432H Korean Cultural Studies

English (2017-18)

ENG1002H Beowulf

ENG1333H Reception of the Classics in Middle English Literature

ENG1551H Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

ENG2288H Renaissance Keywords

ENG2533H Shakespeare’s Language

ENG3073H Richardson’s Clarissa: Fiction, Contexts, and Criticism

ENG4222H Romanticism and Mobility

ENG4622H Brontë and Dickens

ENG4756H Class and the Victorian Novel

ENG5717H The CanLit Boom of the 1960s

ENG6034H Old and New Materialisms

French (2017-18)

FRE 1203H Séminaire de littérature II – Périodes: Médiévalisme. Le Moyen Âge dans l’imaginaire français, de la Renaissance à nos jours

FRE 1204H Séminaire de littérature III – Genres: Le roman de l’utopie

FRE 1612H Satire et parole libre dans la littérature des XVIe et XVIIe siècles

FRE 2037H Écriture et folie

FRE 2100H Du texte à l’image (Images photographiques et cinématographiques dans quelques textes contemporains)

JFC 5056H Autobiography, Photography, Narrativity

German (2017-18)

GER1000H German Studies Seminar: Culture, Theory, Text

GER1200H Introduction to Medieval Studies

GER1771H Topics in German Cinema Studies

History (2016-17)

HIS1031H Images as History: Photography, Historical Method, and Conceptualizing Visuality

HIS1282H Comparative Totalitarian Culture

HIS1880H Digital History

History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (Institute for the) (2017-18)

HPS1000H Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

HPS4001H The Scientific Revolution: Galileo to Newton

HPS4007H Body, Medicine, and Society in Early Modern Europe

HPS4022H Theory of Scientific Change

Information (Faculty of) (2016-17)

INF1330H Archives Concepts and Issues

INF2120H Conservation and Preservation of Recorded Information

INF2122H Digital Preservation and Curation

INF2126H Public Library Services to Culturally Diverse Communities

INF2145H Creation and Organization of Bibliographic Records

INF2146H Trusting Records

INF2159H Analytical & Historical Bibliography

INF2162H Rare Books and Manuscripts

INF2181H Information Policy, Regulation, and Law

INF2199H Special Topics in Information Studies: Database and Narrative

INF2225H Digital Discourse

INF2331H The Future of the Book

MSL1350H Museums and Their Publics

MSL2330H Interpretation and Meaning-Making in Cultural Institutions

MSL2370H Museums and Cultural Heritage: Context and Critical Issues

MSL2500H Constructing and Curating Digital Heritage

Additional cross-listed courses may be available in Summer 2017

Italian Studies (2017-18)

ITA1591H Baroque Poetics and Poetry

ITA1650H Neoclassical and Pre-Romantic Literary Culture

Medieval Studies (Centre for) (2017-18)

MST1101H Codicology

MST1102H Practical Palaeography

MST1110H Diplomatics and Diplomatic Editing

MST1115H English Palaeography

MST1383H The Poetry and Prose of the Vercelli Book

MST3123H Introduction to Medieval Medicine

MST3124H Medieval Studies in the Digital Age

MST3159H Classical Antiquity in Medieval France

MST3501H Introduction to Medieval Christian Liturgy

Music (Faculty of) (2016-17)

MUS1134H Music, Capital, Markets, and Industries

MUS1271H Music and Circulation

Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (2016-17; not affiliated with BHPC)

NMC1306H Scribes, Manuscripts, and Translations of the Hebrew Bible

Religion (Department for the Study of) (2016-17)

RLG3216H Christianity in the Ancient Near East

RLG3228H Social History of the Jesus Movement

RLG3290H Words and Worship

RLG3544H Islamicate Material Culture

Spanish & Portuguese (2017-18)

SPA2016H Medieval Spanish Narrative

SPA2432H Text and Image in Latin American Culture

COL5086H Literature, Culture and Contact in Medieval Iberia

Upcoming Events

  1. Alexandra Gillespie (University of Toronto), “What Was the Cost of Books in Chaucer’s Time?”

    Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM
  2. Jonathan Senchyne (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Slavery and the History of the Book in America”

    Thursday, March 1, 2018 @ 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM
  3. 2018 BHPC Graduate Student Colloquium

    Saturday, March 10, 2018 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  4. Annual General Meeting

    Wednesday, April 11, 2018 @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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