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Master’s Program

All candidates must fulfill the degree requirements of the unit in which they are enrolled. At the master’s level, the program of study should include BKS1001HFBKS1002HS, and at least one additional full-course equivalent (FCE) in a course or courses related to book history and print culture (for a total of at least two FCEs related to the program). Under normal circumstances, BKS1001HF and BKS1002HS will be taken in the first year of the program of study. The additional FCE will usually take the form of two half courses in the student’s home unit selected from our roster of cross-listed courses, though students may substitute other courses with the approval of the Director. Students are encouraged, if possible, to take courses outside their home unit. Depending on the regulations of the home unit, a master’s thesis in the area of book history and print culture may be counted as satisfying the requirement of a second FCE beyond BKS1001HF and BKS1002HS.

BKS1001HF and BKS1002HS will count towards coursework requirements within the home unit; BKS1001HF and BKS1002HS will not be taken in addition to the home unit’s program requirements.

Travaux et thèses peuvent être soumis en français, avec l’approbation des instructeurs et/ou du département d’attache. Les étudiants travaillant en domaine français sont spécialement encouragés à le faire.



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  1. Jonathan Senchyne (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Slavery and the History of the Book in America”

    Thursday, March 1 @ 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM
  2. 2018 BHPC Graduate Student Colloquium

    Saturday, March 10 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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