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Pamela Arancibia pamela.arancibia@utoronto.ca Italian Studies
Arlynda Boyer arlynda.boyer@mail.utoronto.ca English
Kirsten Brassard k.brassard@mail.utoronto.ca English
Amy Cote amy.cote@mail.utoronto.ca English
Sarah Courtney s.courtney@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Heidi Craig heidi.craig@mail.utoronto.ca English
Kathryn David kathy.david@utoronto.ca Information
Virginia De Witt virginia.dewitt@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Prasanta Dhar p.dhar@mail.utoronto.ca History
Aaron Donachuk aaron.donachuk@mail.utoronto.ca English
Angela Du angela.du@mail.utoronto.ca English
Benjamin Durham ben.durham@mail.utoronto.ca Medieval Studies
Bronwyn Evans bronwyn.evans@mail.utoronto.ca History
Greg Fewster greg.fewster@mail.utoronto.ca Religion
Nicholas Field nicholas.field@mail.utoronto.ca Religion
Catherine Fleming catherine.fleming@mail.utoronto.ca English
Holly Forsythe Paul holly.forsythe@utoronto.ca Information
Emma Gabe emma.gabe@mail.utoronto.ca Medieval Studies
Noelle Gadon n.gadon@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Julia Galmiche julia.galmiche@mail.utoronto.ca French
Corinn Gerber corinn.gerber@mail.utoronto.ca Comparative Literature
Danyse Golick danyse.golick@mail.utoronto.ca English
Andrea Heckman annie.heckman@mail.utoronto.ca Religion
Cai Henderson cai.henderson@mail.utoronto.ca Medieval Studies
Steven Hicks steven.hicks@mail.utoronto.ca Music
Maeghan Jerry maeghan.jerry@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Billy Johnson billy.johnson@mail.utoronto.ca English
Olena Karbach olena.karbach@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Elizabeth Klaiber elizabeth.klaiber@utoronto.ca Religious Studies
Roxanne Korpan roxanne.korpan@mail.utoronto.ca Religion
Christopher Laprade c.laprade@mail.utoronto.ca English
Taylor Lemaire taylor.lemaire@gmail.com Information
Veronica Litt veronica.litt@mail.utoronto.ca English
Sarah Lubelski sarah.lubelski@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Dustin Meyer dustin.meyer@mail.utoronto.ca English
Brenna Middleton brenna.middleton@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Kyung-Seo (Kay) Min kyungseo.min@mail.utoronto.ca Art
Laura Moncion laura.moncion@mail.utoronto.ca Medieval Studies
Jean-Philippe Mongeau philippe.mongeau@yahoo.ca Information
Ashley Morford ashley.morford@mail.utoronto.ca English
Geoffrey Morrison geoffrey.morrison@mail.utoronto.ca English
Hailey Mullock hailey.mullock@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Mairead Murphy mairead.murphy@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Illya Nokhrin illya.nokhrin@mail.utoronto.ca English
Diana (Fuchsia) Norwich (White) fuchsia.white@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Katie Paolozza katie.paolozza@mail.utoronto.ca Museum Studies
Christina Pasqua christina.pasqua@mail.utoronto.ca Religion
Sarah Pelletier sarah.pelletier@mail.utoronto.ca English
Jason Peters jason.peters@utoronto.ca English
Christopher Pugh chris.pugh@utoronto.ca English
Nicholas Reynolds nicholas.reynolds@mail.utoronto.ca English
Krissy Rogahn k.rogahn@mail.utoronto.ca Religion
Matt Schneider matt.schneider@utoronto.ca English
Anita Siraki Information
Triveni Srikaran triveni.srikaran@mail.utoronto.ca Art
Reem Taha reem.taha@mail.utoronto.ca English
Elisa Tersigni elisa.tersigni@utoronto.ca English
Hayley Toivanen hayley.toivanen@mail.utoronto.ca English
Taylor Tryburski taylor.tryburski@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Joel Vaughan joel.vaughan@mail.utoronto.ca English
Oliver Velázquez Toledo oliver.velazqueztoledo@mail.utoronto.ca Spanish & Portuguese
Susannah Walker susannah.walker@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Julia Warren julia.warren@mail.utoronto.ca Information
Serena Ypelaar serena.ypelaar@mail.utoronto.ca Museum Studies

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